Customer Water Leak Protection and More

High water bills affect utilities and homeowners. Customize a Water Leak Protection Program to help you care for customers, overcome difficult leak issues, boost resources, and strengthen your Utility.

Stronger Utilities Are Saving Water, Helping People

Aging infrastructure causes more and more damage as time goes on. Customer water leaks can negatively impact utility budgets, efficiency and customer perception. When a customer receives an abnormally high water bill resulting from a leaking pipe or fixture, the utility is not responsible but will partially adjust the bill in many cases. However, the portion the resident must cover can still be beyond their means, leaving them with a long payment plan and a feeling of dissatisfaction with their water utility.

The ServLine Leak Protection Program is a win-win for water utilities and their customers. The program is designed to:

  • Protect all qualifying customers from this potentially costly expense,
  • Help water utilities recapture lost revenue and bad debt associated with customer water leaks,
  • Unburden the utility from the stress, effort and time involved in the administration of the leak adjustment process.

An affiliate partner of the National Rural Water Association and numerous State and State Rural Water Associations, ServLine helps utilities lower costs while enhancing customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

Fast Facts for Water Leaks

34 billion gallons of water are lost due to residential water leaks, according to the EPA

62,000 gallons wasted per leak is the national average

10% of homes leak 90+ gallons per day

75% of Americans are not aware their line is their responsibility

2.2 billion dollars were wasted in water production

$350.11 is the national average cost for a water leak

Discover What Our Customers Have to Say

“ServLine has already been a blessing even during the very first month being on board! Our first month with Servline was the worst on record for leaks in a month. After only one paid premium customers have gotten hundreds of dollars in help. Hanover Insurance is very quick to respond to a customer’s request and even faster in ending payment. Also, everyone from ServLine and Hanover has been very friendly and helpful.”

Sherri Walker | Office Manager | Dade County Water Authority (GA)


Water Buying Customer

Through an exclusive affinity partnership with the National Rural Water Association (NRWA) and 28 State Rural Water Associations, ServLine offers a unique leak protection program to water utilities that helps them to better serve customers while improving utility operations.


Water Utilities

Water utilities are concerned about providing the best service to their customers and, with aging water infrastructure causing increased problems every year, they recognize that many customers are struggling with the high cost of water leaks and water line repairs.










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