Water Leaks Happen

When water leaks occur or a pipe breaks, it can cause your family a lot of strain trying to figure out how to get water flowing again and how to pay for it.

Water utilities are concerned about providing the best service to their customers and, with aging water infrastructure causing increased water leaks and problems every year, they recognize that many customers are struggling with the high cost of water leaks and water line repairs.

Many homeowners are surprised to find out they are responsible for both the extra water charges from water leaks and repair of the water line from the meter to the home, and that their homeowners insurance does not cover any of the repair costs (which can exceed $1,000) or the extra water bill from the leak that can add hundreds of dollars more.

The ServLine Leak Protection Program provides water utility customers peace of mind because, should a leak occur on their property, they will not be responsible for paying an excessive water bill.  The process is very simple and straightforward.  A customer with a high water bill caused by a leak calls ServLine. The claims agent takes the information and contacts the utility to inform them of the customer’s leak and request the customer’s billing history. Once approved, the utility is informed that ServLine will agree to pay the customer’s total bill minus the customer’s average monthly bill. ServLine will pay the utility directly and the customer will pay their average bill directly to the utility.

 The average water service line replacement can range from $1,500 to $5,000, while a water line repair could range from $500 to $1,000. The average sewer line replacement costs from $3,000 to $12,000, with the average cost of a sewer line repair ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the damage. Customers with a repair plan simply call to receive prompt emergency repairs provided by local, licensed and insured contractors.


Benefits to Customers Dealing with Water Leaks:

Financial Protection

  • Up to $2,500 in protection from excess water bill
  • No deductible

Better Experience

  • Seamless processing of claims
  • Staff to ensure customer satisfaction

Increased Awareness

  • Materials sent to residents about responsibility
  • Questions answered by ServLine
  • Peace of mind that unexpected expenses will be fully covered

What Do You Need Protected?

Hear What Your Neighbors Have to Say

My neighbors felt sorry for me when they saw the different companies coming out to mark the gas, electric, and water lines before the backhoe began to dig up my yard. They said it must be terribly expensive and wanted to know how much all of it was going to cost. I was able to proudly say, nothing! My ServLine Line Protection offered by the utility covered the full amount! It paid $1,575.00 to the plumber to replace 25-feet of my water line.

Mrs. McWherter | Home Owner

Primary Protection

Enhanced Protection

Water & Sewer Leak

UP TO $2,500/LEAK*

Call us to decline protection and accept full responsibility for water bills caused by water leaks.

Water & Sewer Line

UP TO $10,000/REPAIR

From Meter to Foundation
No Deductible
No Annual Limit
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